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Suspiria (2018)

Great Nudity!

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Suspiria (2018) is the skintillating remake of the famed Dario Argento 1977 horror film about a twisted ballet academy. Call Me By Your Name (2017) director Luca Guadagnino crafted this nightmarish, psycho-sexual remake that gives us a lot to work with when we're having fantasies about sexy spellbinders. It's 1977 and Susie Bannion (Dakota Johnson) has just left small town Ohio to dance in a West Berlin troupe. It ends up there's an open spot because a girl named Patricia (Chloe Grace Moretz) told the dance school's psychologist (Tilda Swinton) the place was run by witches, then disappeared. Ends up, Patricia was right and soon the other dancers start to figure it out, too. But while they're quite concerned, Susie thinks she can take advantage of the increasingly supernatural situations to make it big in the dance world. You'll be dancing with yourself watching this one, because the dancers in this one are downright sexy! A few legit A-listers, including a before she hit it big Mia Goth, Elena Fokina, Chloe Grace Moretz, Gala Moody, and Dakota Johnson are all dancing students who wear barely-there costumes, leotards, and panties that show off their flexible bodies. Sure would like to do the no pants dance with any one of them! There's nothing to be scared of when Elena shows pokies in her costume. Dakota Johnson is super sexy in her unitard that she pulled down to pee, teasing us with shots of more. We do see her ass and are blessed with a peek at her left tit though, as she stands in the dark! Dakota also wears a sheer gown at one point in the movie, and we implore you to look closely and see her bush, it's sheer sexuality on powerful display! Tilda Swinton has a truly gender-bending role-playing both the ballet madame and an old man. She does she her ass...even as she's on the ground in old man makeup. Gala Moody meanwhile gives us a really good mood when she sits in a chair completely naked in the middle of some kind of witch ritual. But most of the nudity in this one comes from one certain scene, when nearly all of the girls are doing a giant, naked, choreographed dance slash spell, making all sorts of animal noises as they gyrate on the floor. It's weird, but there is a great shot of a topless Mia that had my-a cock rock hard! We can't figure out which witch we'd like to have ride our broomstick! With all those beautiful women in the same movie, Suspiria had us dancing with joy!