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Superbad (2007)

Brief Nudity

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Super squares Michael Cera and Jonah Hill are on a losing streak with the ladies. They're high-school seniors with three weeks left before graduation, so it's only natural that they want nothing more than to get laid. Into their dry white season comes a great big party, and the co-dependent dopes figure that if they score some liquor to bring to the bash they'll be sure to score and score big in Superbad (2007). There's only one problem with the plan: Mike and Jonah both have super bad luck. Everything they attempt in their attempts to get screwed turns screwball. They haul their hapless asses all over town, swearing like (wannabe) sailors and dreaming of dropping anchor into superfox Emma Stone and super cute Martha MacIsaac while running into freaks and felons of all stripes. Their last, best hope of getting hooch, Christopher Mintz-Plasse—a nerdlinger so ambi-Poindexterous that he's unpopular with his own friends—scores the worst fake I.D. in teen-sex-comedy history and ends up separated from his friends, stuck in a cruiser with a pair of cretin coppers (Bill Hader and Superbad co-writer Seth Rogan, who began the script with friend Evan Goldberg when he was thirteen). A hit with the critics, Superbad, said Roger Ebert, is "a four-letter raunch-a-rama with a heart." See some raunch worth wanking over them Jenna Haze bares her superboobs alongside her pals in a bangbus-style internet video. This flick is a modern-day classic, and even though the nudity isn't gratuitous it's still a must watch for comedy fans!