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Sumo Vixens

Sumo Vixens (2001)

Great Nudity!

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Injustice rears its avaricious head all about the globe, wherever the strong and the rich prey upon the weak and the poor. Even in Japan, that most civilized of Asian lands, stocky, powerful men, members of the Yakuza underworld, feel no shame at taking advantage of a slight, defenseless woman. Imagine the surprise of these heartless thugs when they encounter a coalition of able and motivated Sumo Vixens (2001), nubile and attractive girls trained in the martial arts and willing to put what they have learned to work. There is a tradition at stake: The ancient order of female sumo wrestlers and the school that houses their descendants are at risk. Knowing they are fighting the good fight gives these feisty foxes all the advantage they need. The good fight, and the fact that the girls habitually work out wearing no shirts and only G-strings below.