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House (1977)

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The Japanese cult film House (1977) is completely mad: There are human-eating-pianos, watermelons that turn into severed cannibalistic heads, human-hungry grandfather clocks, and a fluffy cat that vomits blood. Ends up, the screenwriter was inspired by his daughter's dreams, which makes a whole lot of sense as to why the movie makes no sense. Kimiko Ikegami plays Gorgeous, a young woman who gets pissed off that her dad comes back from Italy with a hot young thing he just married, so she brings her friends to her aunt's secluded house to stay for the summer. Her friends are martial arts expert Kung Fu (Miki Jinbo), goody two-shoes Sweet (Masayo Misako), the smart one Prof (Ai Matsubara), the big eater Mac (Mieko Sato), music fan Melody (Eriko Tanaka), and the daydreamer Fantasy (Kumiko Oba). They start disappearing one by one when they finally make it to the mansion, with everything from a floating disembodied head to some evil mattresses doing the killing. Don't expect any plausible explanations from this one that didn't get seen much in the USA, until it blew up in the late 2000's thanks to some of it's more incredible scenes hitting the internet. As much as it kicked butt to see Miki Jinbo's Kung Fu in a pair of panties, there was so much legit tit in this one that you won't even notice how insane the plot is. Kimiko Ikegami lives up to her name as Gorgeous, when she flashes funbags getting out of the bath and letting a terrified girl rest gently on her exposed tits. We're scared, too! Mostly scared we missed out on the perky pillow opportunity! Yoko Minamida is the aunt, who we see slip a nip while bending over. But if you want a little ass to go along with the breastacle spectacle, take a peek at Ai Matsubara going for a naked swim in a river of blood. If you're into insane plots and Asian girls that are super hot, you'll want to pay a visit to this House