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Stella Blómkvist (2017-2021)

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A television show with a backstory as mysterious as any of its characters, Stella Blomkvist is an Icelandic TV series based on the first-person stories by author Stella Blomkvist. Who is writing these stories under the name "Stella Blomkvist" in real life? Nobody knows, though theories abound, including one that its the pen name of Iceland's former Prime Minister. It's definitely not, but it'd be cool if it was. On the show, Stella (Heida Reed) is a lawyer who gets tasked with representing a man who killed a female assistant of Iceland's Prime Minister. The dude seems dead to rights, but eventually Stella realizes things are way too tidy. After some serious digging, it sure seems like someone high up wanted to make sure her client took the wrap. But when you start messing with powerful politicians, things get real dangerous, real fast. It's dangerous what a woman who looks like Stella can do to a fella. Yes, Heida Reed makes a rod hard when this little nymph is laying back in a blue-lit scene to let us ogle her titties. Then, she answers her phone while she gets eaten out which is an impressive task. How can she talk at a time like that?! Dog, we couldn't shut up about her lesbian makeout session with Sara Dogg Asgeirsdottir even if we mostly mumbled the blonde bombshell's last name while we did it. Sara even showed all three B's while going for a post-sex stroll a few scenes later. Beyond that, Marolina Fanney Frifginnsdottir gets her clothes ripped off during a not so fun party, Kristin Lea does some cheeky dancing in a thong, and more! It looks like whoever Stella Blomkvist really is, they love a bomb set of tits!