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Spider (2022)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Roshanda James (Novi Brown) is a lonely office worker who thinks that she is unattractive to her male co-workers, despite wanting to find true love. When she starts a new job, she decides that the best way for her to meet the man of her dreams is to become more like them.  The only difference for Roshanda though, is that she uses an evil spell book to quite literally transform herself into a form she thinks the men will find more beautiful, becoming Black Widow (Kali Roses), a tattoo covered sexual dynamo who takes what she wants from the men she seduces. Unfortunately for our lovely lead, the evil magic she uses to get close to the men and make herself more "desirable" requires a bit of "payment" in the form of blood!  So now she has a limited time to expire the men she's climbed on top of or she herself is going to be killed by the wicked ways of the spell book!  She should probably just hop on a dating app or something!  Lucky for us, the other form of the leading lady is played by real-life adult actress Kali Roses, who goes full naked in this horror flick!  We also get a sexy topless Nudecomer debut from the blonde beauty Lauren Leola while doing a webcam show in bed with a couple others!