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Slither (2006)

Brief Nudity

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Greasy, grimy, creepy crawlies from another planet invade small town America in the zany chiller diller Slither (2006), not to be confused with the crime comedy Slither (1973) starring James Caan and Sally Kellerman. In this R rated flick, writer/director James Gunn unloads his tongue-in-cheek sensibilities into an ooze-fest that features a lot of bods — most of which are dead, yet a few belong to a couple of dead-sexy cast members. The action begins when a meteor falls onto earth from outer space and unleashes a bunch of wormy little parasites. These nasty creatures slide down victims’ throats and turn them into flesh-eating folk who have a hankering for human meat. After local rich guy Grant Grant (Michael Rooker) suffers this foul fate, Police Chief Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion) is put on the case. While he looks into the situation, we get to look at a nip slip from Starla Grant (Elizabeth Banks). The film also includes Gunn’s then-wife Jenna Fischer and the bra-clad rack on Brenda James. As Brenda Gutierrez, Ms. James serves up some mouthwatering cleavage. Nothing scary about that! True to its B-movie roots, Slither supplies blood and boobs. Regarding the latter, our hats (and pants) are off to topless Tania Saulnier. In the revealing role of Kylie Strutemyer, the brunette babe exposes her wet breasts in the bath. Too bad a slippery slug comes and kills her character. Nevertheless, she looks drop dead gorgeous! In other words, you’ll feel something in your trousers slither while watching Slither.