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Shining Vale

Shining Vale (2022-2023)

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Patricia “Pat” Phelps (Courtney Cox) is a once-famous author who’s been unable to write a follow up to her successful debut novel “Cressida: Unbound” since it came out seventeen years ago. Her frustration at being stuck led to her step out on her husband, Terry (Greg Kinnear), but instead of divorcing her, he decides to try and save their marriage and family by taking their entire savings and buying a mansion in Shining Vale, Connecticut. It turns out the giant house has a very terrible past, full of tragic figures that Pat can only see, wither because she’s communing with ghosts or suffering from a mental breakdown. It’s six of one, half a dozen if the other, but we’re not complaining, as long as the show keeps giving us shots of Cox in a white bathing suit and go-go boots like in Season 2 episode 3. Perhaps future episodes will catch her Courtney act of undressing!