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Seven and a Match

Seven and a Match (2001)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Seven and a Match (2001) is an indie drama from Derek Simonds. Seven college friends have taken time away post-graduation, but now they are back in the house they'd spend summers in to reunite and rekindle old feelings. While a lot of things have changed between these friends, a lot of their feelings and rivalries are the same. This film stars Heather Donahue of Blair Witch fame, but we're definitely more interested in Petra Wright. It's easy to see why anyone would have feelings for Petra who plays Blair because she has the only nude scene in the movie. She takes a bath, letting the suds cover her nips until she reaches out of the tub to shut the door. At that moment we see her buns and breasts! We hope for another reunion between these friends to match this hot scene.