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Samsara (2001)

Great Nudity!

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Samsara (2001) is the moving tale of Tashi (Shawn Ku), a young Buddhist monk living in the Tibetan Himalayas. After over three years of meditating in solitude, the twentysomething Tashi experiences a sexual awakening. After a bunch of wet dreams, he admits to his fellow monks that he's super horny and doesn't feel like living the monastic life anymore. Tashi wants to do some lovemaking instead of meditating, so he decides to leave the monastery and become a rural farmer. Trading buddhism for slinging gism, eventually Tashi marries the Tibetan hottie Pema (Christy Chung), and gets plenty of action with his hot young wife. But his new life isn’t all he hoped it would be, as he faces the brutal corruption of the outside world and his unexpected attraction to the exotic Sujata (Neelesha BaVora). With all this temptation and terrifying greed, Tashi thinks about heading back to the monastery and becoming a monk again, but that would mean fleeing his familial responsibilities. Is Tashi going to return to life as a monk or continue his life on the farm? If he goes back to being a monk, we bet Tashi will be masturbating, not meditating, to all the tushie he got as a young man. As his wife, Christy Chung shows her chest cannons while her and Tashi do the nasty outside, as well as when she rides him really slowly in front of the candlelight. But since Pema wasn't enough for his penis, we also see T&A from Neelesha Bavora as she and Tashi have some kinky sex involving a blanket that hoists their bodies into the air. Who wants to be a monk when you can have women like that making you spunk? Our boy Tashi sure doesn't in Samsara!