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Rolls-Royce Baby

Rolls-Royce Baby (1975)

Great Nudity!

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Rolls-Royce Baby (1975) is a classic of its kind. As a vehicle for Spanish actress Lina Romay, Erwin C. Dietrich’s skinternational flick follows a nymphomanic named Lisa who wants to be a star. As such, she touts her assets for a photographer (Kurt Meinicke) who shoots the cutie’s full frontal nudity just 8 minutes into the movie. Say cheese! The naked lady later flaunts her three Bs and flexibility as she performs some calisthenics at the 20-minute mark. If that’s not arousing enough, Lina continues to show us what she’s got when she tweaks her perky teats and enjoys the smooth benefits of her shaved snatch. While hitchhiking across the Swiss countryside, two lecherous old men pick Lisa up. After they take advantage of her, they dump the babe on the side of the road sans clothing. But once the aspiring actress gets a gig in a movie and becomes rich, she sets out in a Rolls-Royce to seek her revenge. In other words, she spends most of the movie being driven around by her chauffeur (Eric Falk), picking up strange men, making love to them, and then ditching them. This means we get to see Ms. Romay donning black lingerie as she seduces a hippy in the back of the car. When alone, the titular character reviews her conquests in her head before using her hands to feel up her breasts and pleasure the rest. Suffice it to say, this gives new meaning to the phrase, “What goes around comes around!”