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Josefine Mutzenbacher

Josefine Mutzenbacher (1970)

Great Nudity!


Christine Schuberth plays titular character, Josephine Mutzenbacher in this X rated West German flick from the 70s, frequently renamed Sensational Janine (1970). Josephine for most of her life has wandered the streets, sleeping around with nearly everyone in Vienna, just for the thrill of having a story to tell. She finds her way into the upper echelons of society when a wealthy British man decides to wed her. All the bourgeois prudes stand in shock at all of Josephine’s sordid tales of lust and free flowing desire, while Josephine only revels in their expressed prudishness.

Christine exposes a lot of T&A throughout the film, including a few dress up scenes in bed where she dons a top hat, some stockings, arm gloves, and absolutely nothing else. She ruffles around the bed sheets, bringing herself to near orgasm while her tush sticks out for the pleasure of her viewer. Mutzenbacher? I just met her!