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Auf der Alm, da gibt's koa Sünd'

Auf der Alm, da gibt's koa Sünd' (1974)

Great Nudity!


After a scientist figures out a way to make potent energy out of cow manure, two secret agents are dispatched to steal his secret formula. The secret agents being all too human wind up preoccupied with their own sex lives, rather than completing their mission. Many other people are interested in the secret formula as well, but they too, also all too human, wind up focusing more on their respective libidos. This West German film is frequently renamed for English speaking audiences as Bottoms Up (1974).

Plenty of softcore porking goes on in this old 70s skin flick. Alena Penz divulges her Aryan full frontal, including her hairy snatch. Joanna Jung gets her see through panties pulled down for a closer look at her tan lined crack. Eva Garden shows all sides of herself, best of all a little bit of underburgerage. And Elisabeth Felchner gets pumped from behind as she milks a cow. I’m with them – new forms of energy can wait until after the important stuff is comes to an end.