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Rogue (2013-2017)

Great Nudity!

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After the success of Netflix’s original series House of Cards, DirecTV is hopping on the bandwagon with a flagship drama of its own. Grace (Thandie Newton) is an undercover detective willing to get her hands dirty, but when her young son is killed in a suspicious drive-by shooting, it's time to go… Rogue. With her bosses denying permission to return to the field, Grace must team up with Mafioso Jimmy Laszlo (Marton Csokas) to have any hope of finding her son's true killer. Thandie Newton is going back undercover in order to find a murderer, but she’s uncovering much more than new leads. The first episode has her exposing T&A so nice she has to show it twice, first in the shower and then again while getting frisky in the bedroom. Tasya Teles bares boobage and butt too when a lucky lad does coke off her boobs during a sex scene, and Leah Gibson strips down for a rough romp against a glass window. Add that to Cindy Sampson showing suck sacks in bed and Ashley Greene's boob-filled nude debut, and your johnson will be going rogue! The sexy scene takes place about 14 minutes in, and Ashley ditches her dress and reveals her breasts while getting ready to bang a lucky dude. If that's not enough to get your rocks off, there are plenty of other nude hotties throughout this series that puts the "boob" in boob tube! Skin Central will be paying attention to this show for years to come!