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Rock Star

Rock Star (2001)

Brief Nudity

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Loosely inspired by the tale of lucky goose Ripper Owens, the office-supply salesman who replaced Rob Halford as the lead singer for Judas Priest, Rock Star (2001) is about a guy who gets his superfan rocks off when he gets to lead his favorite band. He's Mark Wahlberg, and his life revolves around a metal act by the name of "Steel Dragon." This mullet-bound Marky Mark spendy-spends his time singing Dragon covers for a "tribute band," paying close attention to the details all the other, lesser cover groups ignore. His girlfriend is Jennifer Aniston, who lights up the screen like a dragon's burp! Not too shabby-shab, Marky Mark! But his life soon becomes a drag; the band boots him, wanting to focus on playing their own tunes. Whatever will Marky do without his funky bunch? He doesn't have to ponder this long, because it seems that the real Steel Dragon is short a lead singer and wants to hire our hero to take over. Now he has a front seat at the nonstop nudie-groupie grope, but is this the life he really wants?