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The Road from Erebus

The Road from Erebus (2000)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Movies, at their best, do more than entertain the diversion-hungry masses. Great films teach important life lessons. The wisdom imparted by The Road from Erebus (2002) can be boiled down to one simple dictum: Whenever a slinky and mysterious dark beauty slips into your bed for a night of unparalleled erotic bliss and then disappears as if into thin air when the morning comes, let her go. Do not chase down this vision of sensual perfection, thereby alerting her insanely jealous, psychotic, and murderous ex-boyfriend to the fact that she has been spreading the mattress magic around. You also risk awakening the malicious envy of your dream date's beautiful but cruel twin sister. Why is it that when guys sprout hard cocks, they so often enroll at the university of hard knocks?