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Riddick (2013)

Brief Nudity

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In Riddick (2013), the third installment of the sci-fi film series that started with Pitch Black (2000), Vin Diesel returns as the titular antihero Richard Riddick, an escaped convict wanted by every bounty hunter in the galaxy. The dangerous dude has been wounded and left for dead on a seemingly lifeless, sun-scorched planet. Before long, Riddick, who can see in the dark, stumbles upon a plethora of beast-like aliens that want him dead, and the only way he can survive is by activating an emergency beacon to alert those who are hunting him. Two ships answer the call, one who want to capture him alive and one who wants him dead. But Riddick figures he can pit the two crews against each other, and use all that chaos to steal a ship and escape his horrifying predicament. Suddenly, the hulking hero is doing battle with both old and new enemies alike. While the second flick in the series got roasted for dropping down to PG-13, this one's R rated, and doesn't waste the opportunity the new ratings creates. You’ll be creating some of your own kind of science friction in your pants when you get a glance at Katee Sackhoff’s left breast while she washes up in the ship's shower. But she's not the only one taking her clothes off. On top of Keri Hilson's cans jiggling as she sprints away from a dude with a gun, Charlie Marie Dupont shows all three B's as she sleeps naked while Riddick sits on a throne. If we could see in the dark, we'd creep on those chicks! The women in Riddick are ridiculously hot!