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Replicas (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


One of Keanu Reeves' rare missteps, Replicas (2018) was an absolute bomb at the box office that was as loathed by critics as it was the few filmgoers that went to see it. But it does have one awesome scene we'd love to see Alice Eve replicate a few times! This science fiction film follows William Foster (Keanu Reeves), a scientist whose been trying to transfer a dead soldier's body into an android. When his wife Mona (Alice Eve) and his trio of children die in a car crash, it becomes clear that rather than the soldier, he needs to upload his dead family into some robot bods. No foster kids for William Foster! Its a pretty risky move, since the company he works for won't be all too pleased with his use of their equipment. But when his family-bot's minds start sort of remembering the crash that killed them, the fact that he resurrected his dead wife on company time and on the company's dime just might be the least of his issues. Whether it's time travel, genie wishes or whatever, bringing the dead wife back to life is a very common sci-fi and fantasy trope. But while most of the time the dude doing it is a dope, we can't fault Mr. Foster after seeing how scorching hot his wife is! As part of the replication process, Alice Eve shows up in a tank of goo totally naked. We don't see much other than some sidebuns, but just seeing that, as well as her doing the sexy housewife thing, has us dying to to fill her with goo. You just can't replace a rump like that! Some amazing day in the future we'll be able to buy a full size robot replica of that hottie with the amazing body from Replicas