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Primordial (2015)

Brief Nudity

(0:04) Breasts are seen during the opening credits. But no face. (Assume it is supposed to be Marylee Osborne.)(0:13) Marylee Osborne remembering getting fingered. It's in B&W but we see her breasts.(0:35) Some nice cleavage and then legs on Erin R. Ryan as Marylee Osborne tries to have sex with her.(0:39) Allison Egan strops to her panties and then her bra. The panties come off giving us a nice close shot of bush. Then she goes full frontal removing the bra and showing her breasts. Marylee Osborne comes up behind her and starts feeling her body and then thrusting into her from behind and making her lick her wet fingers.(0:42) Allison Egan now in chains shows some brief buns as she is picked up off the bed.(0:43) Peekdown buttcrack on Marylee Osborne as she gets up off the floor.(1:12) Breasts on a WOMAN by the campfire. She stands up revealing a dark full frontal look at bush. She removes her robe in B&W showing right breast from the side and buns but it is hard to tell precisely who it is even though we see part of her face from the side.


Marylee Osborne

Nude - as Valerie Gravesbreasts, butt

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