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Power Book II: Ghost (2020-)

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Power Book II: Ghost (2020) is a spinoff series that is based on the critically acclaimed Starz drama Power. These powerhouses are back in a big way. We check out our leading man, an antihero, who is dealing with his brand new reality. His new reality involves his father being dead and his mom facing murder charges for a crime she did not commit. In fact, he did it. Whoops! Will he step up and be a real man and take responsibility so that his mom won't serve time? Or will he let his mom go down for a crime that he actually did? You'll just have to watch it! We are so excited to see what plays are in the Power Book. We have a feeling the Power Book includes a lot of real live girls going nude. The first episode proves that to be true! The very sexy and saucy Chrystal McCoy makes her nude debut in the first episode as a stripper. Chrystal McCoy is anything but coy when this lady gives her topless tits to a lucky boy. She dances for him in the strip club with other hot girls pole dancing all around her. This scene is filled with babes who know how to work a pole. Chrystal is no exception. She dances topless and serves up sexiness that will wet your appetite. Her delicious domes shimmy and shake when she moves around for a lap dance that is sure to make your lap dance. Oh, that's why it's called that! 


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