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Posse (1993)

Great Nudity!

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Edgy filmmaker Mario Van Peebles explores the legacy of African-Americans in the Old West with the drama Posse (1993), not to be confused with the Revisionist Western Posse (1975) featuring Bruce Dern and Katherine Woodville’s side breast. In this R rated flick, Van Peebles pays homage to the 8,000 Black cowboys who populated the Wild West. Mario plays Jesse Lee, a single-minded mercenary on a quest to avenge the death of his father who was murdered by racists. After rounding up a band of fighters (Big Daddy Kane, Tiny Lister and Tone-Lōc) from the Spanish-American War, Lee rides in search of retribution. Socially-conscious and action-packed, the movie includes a cast of characters that are both good (Blair Underwood’s Carver) and bad (Billy Zane’s Colonel Graham). There’s also Cable (Isaac Hayes), Little J (Stephen Baldwin), Papa Joe (Melvin Van Peebles), a railroad singer (Aaron Neville), Sheriff Bates (Richard Jordan), Snopes (Nipsey Russell), Vera (Vesta), and the fabulously fit Phoebe (Pam Grier). Yet the film gets its biggest boost from Salli Richardson. As the luscious Lana, the ebony eyeful sheds her lace corset and pretty petticoats for a scene of free-range boffing with Mario. Talk about putting the motion into this motion picture! In other words, the skintastic act showcases Salli’s sweet skin. In fact, we get to glance at her shapely gams, firm mams, toned tummy, and bodacious booty. If that’s not hot enough, the hottie steams up the screen when she reveals her bush. Now that’s a posse we’d love to hunt!