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The Rowdy Girls

The Rowdy Girls (1999)

Great Nudity!


Rowdy Girls is yet another Troma production, so naturally it’s yet another entry into the “Naked Women Actually Won the West” sub-sub-sub-genre of films that include such movies as Bad Girls. It should be noted that three former Playboy Playmates (Shannon Tweed, Deanna Brooks, and producer India Allen…) were involved in the production, as well as a former Penthouse Pet. That would be my future wife Julie Strain… Oh, how I wish… That fact in and of itself immediately scoots this little feature right into the Hallowed Halls of Skindom, I dare say… The story isn’t all that dismissible, either. Tweed stars as a hooker who ends up with a stalker-type asshole who points a gun at her, so she disguises herself as a nun (!) and escapes town on a wagon. Along for the ride is Brooks, who was supposed to be married to some dude that she didn’t love. Where does Strain come into the picture? Being the bad girl that she always is, she plays a highway thief who robs the wagon and kills a sheriff in the process. Or something to that effect. Of course, Tweed, Brooks, Strain, and Sita Renne Thompson all bared their more-than-ample chests, displaying that there were, indeed, plastic surgeons in The Old West…