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Polizeiruf 110

Polizeiruf 110 (1971-2016)

Brief Nudity


German TV is full of fraus and fräuleins who make our Weltanschauung schwing, and Polizeiruf 110 is certainly not the exception since this police drama is packed with decades upon decades of racktacular actresses. And when we say decades, we mean it. This one kicked off in 1971, when only those in East Germany could watch it, because David Hasselhoff hadn't brought down the wall yet. It lasted until 1990 on Deutscher Fernsehfunk before switching to the ARD, network where it remains today. With Peter Borgelt at the helm for twenty years as Commissioner Peter Fuchs, the show, which references Germany's emergency telephone number, the show set itself apart from other German crime dramas by not focusing as much on murder as those shows but branching out to all sorts of other crimes and featuring full ninety minute episodes. But what separated the show from the cop stuff we have here in the USA is the nudity. In grand Deutschland tradition, this long-running series crams in the Deutschmams and cans and even throws in a furry fritter now and then. Mariella Ahrens flashes all three B's in the bathtub both alive and dead. Nadja Becker pleased our pecker by lounging on a couch, topless. Andrea Brose pulled off the rare, bra on but panties off to show off the bush look, while Inga Busch lived up to her name by flashing titty and kitty waking along some train tracks. We'd rail her on that road! Jacqueline Pogel brought the heat back in the day just strolling around the house full frontal, while the curly haired cutie Ruth Reinecke's rack and vag made an appearance in another episode. No wonder this show's been on so long, it's tip-top Teutonic TV that's sure to have you celebrating cocktober fest, year-round. Polizeiruf 110 is full of perfect ten's wearing 0 clothes!


Mariella Ahrens

Nude - as Verena Weißenborn

Helena Aiglstorfer

Zusana Lebedova

Hildegard Alex

Nude - as Vera Schneidereit

Nadja Becker

Nude - as Corinna

Jule Böwe

Nude - as Alida

Nadeshda Brennicke

Waltraud Krämer

Andrea Brose

Nude - as Yvonne

Natascha Bub


Inga Busch

Nude - as Carolina Petersen

Jenny Deimling

Nude - as Nora

Lola Dockhorn

Nude - as Miriam Springer

Cathlen Gawlich

Nude - as Birgit

Silvie Gerold

Nude - as Marie Eder

Teresa Harder

Melanie Kaminski

Regine Heintze

Nude - as Uta Mahlow

Luise Helm


Fee Hübner

Henriette Keller

Katerina Jacob

Staatsanwältin Iris Meissne

Julia Jäger

Gudrun Keller

Anne Kasprik

Nude - as Annemarie

Anja Kling

Nude - as Heike Krüger

Ulrike Krumbiegel

Angelika Sladowski

Nina Kunzendorf

Nude - as Floriane Engelhard

Ute Lubosch

Anja Reiher / Frau Permoser

Silke Matthias

Nude - as Ramona Richter

Paulina Mielech


Anna-Katharina Muck

Nude - as Heike Mutosch

Jacqueline Pöggel

Nude - as Anne Werdau

Sabrina Rattey

Britta's partner

Ruth Reinecke

Nude - as Barbara

Katrin Saß

Nude - as Tanja Voigt

Claudia Schmutzler

Nude - as Röllchen

Heike Schroetter

Nude - as Heike

Nadine Seiffert

Sexy - as Birgit Kunze

Nadja Uhl

Nude - as Bibi

Saskia Valencia

Nude - as Marlene

Kathrin Waligura

Nude - as Katrin Kreuzer

Hildegard Walter

Nude - as Nixe Walter

Zoe Weiland


Birthe Wolter

Biljana Ducic

Dennenesch Zoudé

Nude - as Dennenesch Zoudé

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