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Patrick (1978)

Brief Nudity

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Every good serial killer needs a gimmick. Jason has the hockey mask, Freddy has the razored glove, and Patrick (1978) has . . . well, a hospital bed. Yep, this Aussie thriller features the scariest psycho to ever terrorize a town while in a coma. A cult classic that many think kicked off the Ozploitation genre, Patrick (Robert Thompson) has been in a coma, completely unable to move ever since he murdered his parents a few years back. Everyone assumes he can only spit, including a comatose spitting style Quentin Tarantino admits he ripped off for Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003). But he can do way more than that. He has all sorts of telekinetic powers that he can use to move things, and force people to do what he wants them to do. Patrick develops a colossal crush on his new sexy nurse named Kathy (Susan Penhaligon) and tries to drown the doctor (Bruce Barry) he's seen flirting with her. From there, our comatose killer does everything he can to make sure nobody else can have Kathy, and she'll have no other choice than to rock his world. Yes, there's even a scene where Patrick shows her that even though he can't move, he can still get it up! Handjob for the handicapped? Cowgirl for the comatose? Maybe a ride for the bedridden? What kind of a woman is so sexy that a dude who's completely comatose is still obsessed with curling her toes? Susan Penhaligon is that kind of woman, but she's not the kind to take it off, onscreen. All we get from her is a nippy shot as she runs around in a white tank top. Instead, we see the MILFy cans of Carole-Ann Aylett as she takes a bath with some bald dude, before her son electrocutes her. And if Patrick needed a different naughty nurse to chase, Helen Hemingway's hooters sure looked great as she went skinnydipping. You've gotta respect the man's hustle! Plus, all the nudity in Patrick will give you a fat dick!