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Paranoia (2013)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Heavy hitters Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford match wits in the techno-thriller Paranoia (2013). Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) has just been fired for insubordination and wisely decides to use the company credit card to pay for a wild night out. That doesn’t sit to well with the corporation's owner, Nicholas Wyatt (Oldman), who threatens to have him arrested unless he agrees to do some corporate espionage against Wyatt's former mentor, Jock Goddard (Ford). And Adam has the perfect in, the unbelievably gorgeous Emma Jennings (Amber Heard), who works as the Director of Marketing for Goddard's company Amber Heard has a long nude resume for her comparatively short career, but sadly this movie doesn’t allow her to show off the full breadth of her talents in that area. We do get her panties as she climbs on top of Liam Hemsworth and some brief right side boob when she gets into the shower, but sadly there’s no pair o' boobs in Paranoia.