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Papillon (1973)

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Ten years after starring in the greatest getaway film of them all, The Great Escape (1963), Steve McQueen sets out to top his own performance in the gripping escape-themed thriller Papillon (1973). Set in the 1930's instead of during World War II, the ruggedly handsome leading man stars as real-life convict Henri Charriere, a safecracker who is known as "the butterfly" for his distinct tattoo and unique ability to fly the coop. Imprisoned on a French penal colony for a murder he didn’t commit, Charriere teams with fellow inmate Louis Dega (Dustin Hoffman) in a desperate bid to kiss his cramped cell goodbye. After getting starved and put in solitary for his bad behavior, the two make their daring escape only to end up at a leper colony, then hide out among a Native tribe, then get recaptured. Sent back to Devil's Island along with his buddy Dega, although they're both much older it's only a matter of time until Henri comes up with another plan to flee to freedom. Thankfully Charriere’s got plenty of motivation for rejoining the human race––a naked Ratna Assan is waiting patiently to give him a welcome-home shag. That fine piece of Assan is one of the Native girls letting Henri hide with them, but she's not hiding her hooters hanging with him on the beach, cooking fish, or going for a waterfront stroll. This rack revealing role even led to her becoming the first Indonesian woman to pose for Playboy. Ignore the 2017 remake, and disregard any French government claims that Henri made a ton of stuff up. Instead, just sit back and enjoy seeing The King of Cool take off, and Ratna Assan take it off, in Papillon!