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La Vallée

La Vallée (1972)

Great Nudity!

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Wives can be disappointing. Men of substance place rigid expectations upon the women they take to be their brides. When a woman veers too far from behavior that is expected of her, it’s the husband who suffers. Take the suave, competent diplomat of La Vallée (1972). A man of his position, with a demonstrated wisdom, brings all the focus of his good judgment to bear when he chooses a helpmeet. Then the newlyweds travel on business to New Guinea, and, under the influence of the hot sun and a Pink Floyd soundtrack, the inconstant mate practically sabotages her better half’s career by trotting around topless with a gang of disrespectful hippies and primitive natives! Which is a great way for a woman to be, as long as you’re not married to her.