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One Nation, One King

One Nation, One King (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


One Nation, One King (2018) is a French drama that takes place in 1789 during the French Revolution where different historical figures are imagined to have met around this time when they formed the National Assembly. We see the drama as well as the struggles that the young freedom fighters went through against the old monarchy of France that they had recently deposed. Pierre Schoeller wrote and directed this French historical drama that retraces the story of how the assembly was formed and how King Louis XVI was viewed during this tumultuous time. Historical figures such as Robespierre, Marat, Desmoulins, and Danton are all portrayed with some fictionalized elements in this historical retelling. While this story seems to focus on a lot of very important French men and other such important thinkers, politicians, and activists in early European philosophy, it does not completely ignore women. Thank goodness because that is what we are here to see: sexy, naked French ladies. Adele Henel is the sexy topless lady that we get treated to in this movie. She sheds clothes up top to show off her historic hooters in a hot scene that lets us in on Henel's melons as she sits without a shirt. One Nation, One King may only have one nude scene and one nude actress, but we are grateful for this brief boobage that we get in an otherwise skinless movie. We would gladly start a revolution to see more of her rack. Viva la France and viva la French topless girls!