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Nemesis (1993)

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A sci-fi B movie in every sense of the word that went on to inspire four sequels and a spinoff,Nemesis (1993) stars French kickboxer Olivier Gruner as Alex Rain, a cyborg cop of the future who doesn't feel like policing anyone anymore. Criminals have been implanting themselves with devices to become bigger, stronger, faster and smarter, and Alex is sick of having his body parts replaced, since it make him feel less human. However, the LAPD's Commissioner Farnsworth (Tim Thomerson) won't let him quit, has stuck a bomb in his heart, and is demanding he track down his old partner. Jared (Marjorie Monaghan) has supposedly been stealing secrets about an upcoming peace deal between the USA and Japan, but leader of the resistance Max Impact (Merle Kennedy) says that's not what's happening at all. In fact, she says the LAPD hasn't been giving Alex orders, but that people have been making cyborgs designed to look like authority figures so they can order others around and that the Commish is made of bolts, screws and part of a satellite dish. Who can Alex trust? Who cares, just go with the one whos got the biggest bust! Sure, Jackie Earle Haley is the biggest star in the cast, but Rorschach doesn't have a rack like former Miss USA Deborah Shelton. Deb's delightful doubles scorch the screen as she plays the cyborg Julian. Whether real or not, she's got a real nice rack! We get a great look at it when she goes full frontal, but makes sure we get a butt shot too, in a hotel room as she walks around naked as Olivier has a smoke. A girl who'll let you stare at her jugs, then run your hand along the arch of her back until you hit crack, can't be an arch enemy to Mr. Skin! Natural or machine, those are the cans we want to be stuck between in Nemesis!