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Monster Man

Monster Man (2003)

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When Monster Man (2003) gets you in his headlights, it's the vroom of doom, so you'd better put the pedal to the metal or else ready yourself for the tomb! Mister Monster is a redneck who prowls I-55 in his monster truck, and boy does he ever have a temper. No one knows this better than college buddies Eric Jungmann and Justin Urich, two regular guys on a road trip hoping to get Eric to the girl of his dreams before she goes and gets hitched to another fella. Justin, who wasn't exactly invited, manages to enrage the ornery owner of the meanest monster truck around, and now the guy won't stop trying to mow them down. They think they've escaped him, but things get mighty monstrous when a vision of hotness named Aimee Brooks thumbs a ride with them and they realize that the terror trucker isn't done with them yet.