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Monkey King (2016)

Great Nudity!

What happens when one friend never grows up an invites all his friends - and their families - to a palatial estate in the south of France? That's the premise of Monkey King (2016), the king being Wolfi, a rich man turning 45 who still endlessly indulges in hookers, booze, drugs, and partying. He has his three best friends come visit him in hopes of getting them to be rambunctious with him yet again, not realizing that they have grown up and have wives and kids. Things get messy right away, as you can imagine, but that means there's plenty of room for skin! Dasniya Sommer shows her perfect rack and rump when she hangs from the ceiling in bondage gear and gets out of the pool topless and then again when she's making out with Elisabeth Ehrlich, who also shows boobs and butt in a smorgasbord of scenes! Wives/girlfriends Jule Böwe and Jyette-Merle Böhrnsen join the party too, making out in the pool while no one is watching before Jule shows boobs and bush while she has sex covered in food!    

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