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Natalie (2010)

Great Nudity!

An art critic interrogates a sculptor about the inspiration for his greatest work. That doesn't sound all that sexy, but the South Korean softcore extravaganza Natalie (2010) uses this intellectual premise as the jumping-off point for lots and lots of hot, sweaty sex. Seong-jae Lee stars as sculptor Jun-hyeok, Ji-hoon Kim as critic Min-Woo, and the svelte, slender and absolutely SKINtillaing Hyun-Jin Park as Mi-ran, the modern dance student who inspired Jun-hyeok's erotic sculpture "Natali". Settle in and get ready for more fully nude humping scenes from Hyun-Jin than we care to count, plus more naked pounding from co-star Ki-yeon Kim. Natalie will give you a fat-a-wee. 

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