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Miami Vice

Miami Vice (2006)

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Crockett and Tubbs. The Jan Hammer super-synth theme song. Pastel hues. Blazers and tee shirts. No socks. Guest appearances by Phil Collins and Glen Frey. Few things scream "mid-1980s" more than the classic "MTV cops" series Miami Vice. Shaking off the cheesiness of the Max Headroom era, in 2006 Michael Mann brought the gritty to the Magic City with his big screen adaptation Miami Vice (2006). Keeping the ebony and ivory pairing from the TV show, Colin Farrell plays Sonny Crockett while Jamie Foxx is Rico Tubbs, two South Florida detectives in the midst of a breakneck-paced war with a new breed of high-tech drug traffickers. Recruited by the FBI for help, our crew of two are tasked with infiltrating the drug empire of a dude named Montoya (Luis Tosar) who is using suped up speed boats to send drugs from the Caribbean to Florida, then letting a White Supremacist gang do the distributing. It's all tension about getting their cover blown, shootouts with crooks and bedding criminal babes in this largely humorless take on the legendary TV show. A massive bomb at the box office back in the day, this one's gone on to have a huge cult following thanks to its slick and stylish cinematography. The hotties didn't hurt, either! Updating the bikini bait of the original show most beautifully are Naomie Harris and Gong Li. But while Naomie was a naughty girl and used a double for her shower scene, Gong Li brought out the real breasts with her time doing it with Crockett in the bathroom. Now those knockouts are Miami Nice!