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Me Him Her

Me Him Her (2015)

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Me Him Her (2015) is a Max Landis romantic comedy about a dude named Cory who drifts around Los Angeles doing whatever he wants, including have an affair with a lesbian on the rebound and confusing her identity. He arrives in the city to help his rising star friend Brendan come out of the closet as he also grapples with his newfound fame due to role as a leading man on the series Hard Justice. Cory is actually gay himself, so he knows he can help Brendan. But his homosexuality didn't stop him from banging Emily, the lesbian mentioned previously. Cory and Brendan devise a plan for Brendan to come out to his family and Cory learns to be a better friend and a better overall person. We don't get to see this Emily nude, but we do get some sexiness from other babes in the movie. While they are doing that, you'll get some hard justice when you watch the always sensualĀ Emily Meade play Gabbi. In one scene, Emily wakes up in a car wearing only her panties. She struggles to discreetly put her pants on when she wakes up. The sexy Emily envisions herself in one scene as a mermaid beckoning her on a rock. She leads forward in a seaweed-filled top that doesn't cover her cleavage. Seaweed? More like you'll get some serious seawood when you get to see just how hot she is in slinky bras and panties. We're definitely here for the Her in Me Him Her.