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Mausoleum (1983)

Great Nudity!

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Old wives and other founts of wisdom say that if a man wants a preview of what his gal pal will look like when she hits middle age, take a gander at the woman who birthed her. Like mother, like daughter has nowhere been so poignant and perplexing as in the maternal transference that will scare the pants back onto any potential marrying man who takes time for a viewing of Mausoleum (1983). The pretty and perky heroine of this Michael Dugan-directed anti-romance suffers a bummer when her dear ma dies due to the maleficent interference of a raving, roving demon. Upon Mom’s demise, the baleful entity takes up residence in the being of the darling daughter. Hubby intuits something is amiss, but his suspicions don’t save him--or a bunch of other lovelorn losers--from a bloody and brutal death.