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Marlene (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Marlene (2020) is a German thriller by writer and director Stefan Müller about a contract killer named Frank who is working for a crime syndicate out of Syria. He is given jobs to do and he usually does them well with no questions asked. When he is given the task of kidnapping a young woman named Marlene and delivering the kidnapped little lady to the syndicate themselves, he has a change of heart. When he spends time with Marlene, he winds up falling for her and wants to protect her against all odds. He decides on a last-minute whim to disobey the orders that were given to him which means that he now has to go on the run. His employers, in turn, take matters into their own hands and take Marlene hostage for themselves. Frank now has to find Marlene and save her while taking down the brutal people whom he has been working for and must now takedown. We can definitely see why someone would want to fall in love with - or even abduct - Marlene. She is gorgeous. She is played by the actress Caroline Hochfelner who is a blonde and beautiful babe that winds up showing her perky chest briefly when she is on her back during a sensual sex scene. She is being made love to in a missionary position and has her breasts out and pointing upwards toward the ceiling when they have sex in this hot scene that leaves us wanting Marlene, too.