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Lust (2022)

Brief Nudity

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If you need any further proof that Scandinavian comedy runs a little darker than most other comedy, allow us to introduce you to the Swedish series Lust, which premiered on HBO Max in the early spring of 2022! The series centers around four middle aged women who seek an answer to the age old question, what happens to our lust as we age? Is it possible that it's still around, just laying dormant in our systems, or does it go away the older we get? Anette (Sofia Helin) is studying the link between a rise in nationwide sick leave and if it's tied to the decline in women's sex drives as they age and she is using her besties Ellen (Julia Dufvenius Wollter), Nadia (Anja Lundkvist), and Martina (Elin Klinga) as her guinea pigs. While it may sound like a Scandinavian Sex and the City clone, it's actually far less melodramatic than that American show, hedging closer to uncomfortable truths than outlandish scenarios. Sadly, it's not as skin-filled as SatC, but we do get a nice look at Anja Lundkvist's bare ass, along with Elin Klinga in her underwear, and a steamy sapphic smooch between Sofia Helin and Julia Dufvenius Wollter! You'll definitely lust after the ladies of Lust!