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Love & Anarchy

Love & Anarchy (2020-2022)

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Have you ever had one of those weird office flirtations?  Like a cup of coffee in the break room leads to talking, leads to complaining about work, leads to after work drinks, leads to a series of progressing dares that become more and more risky, sexy, and maybe even scary???  No?  Well then, we got a Netflix series out of Sweden that lets you live out your wildest fantasies of flirting with the new hot, blonde boss lady called Love & Anarchy.  In this 2020 series we follow a somewhat tightly wound and career driven consultant, Sofie (Ida Engvoll), who is married with a couple of small kids at home who is at her wits end with her career as well as sexually frustrated.  When she is tasked with coming into an old school publishing company to help revive the business, she meets the free spirited and much younger IT guy, Max (Björn Mosten) and as these two soon find out, they have plenty in common.  You see, both Sofie and Max need some excitement in their lives and find it in each other by daring each other to do outlandish things in the office, like walk backwards for the day or get everyone at the business meeting high!  Next thing you know, Max is daring Sofie to walk bottomless out of the public pool, showing off her amazing butt and bush to the older folks swimming laps!  It's a whirlwind office romance that is going to challenge their day to day lives and lead them down a sexy path they both kind of want to go down!  Lucky for us, the star of the series Ida Engvoll gives us some serious skin in multiple episodes and when we say "bottomless" at the public pool, we certainly mean it as Ida shows off her perfect booty and bush!