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Lulu (2006)

Brief Nudity


As a child Lulu was rescued off from the streets by an editor named Dr. Schön, and made his mistress. Dr. Schön plans to marry another woman, and Lulu winds up banging a senile old man named Dr. Goll, and this displeases Dr. Schön. More than this, Lulu has been getting it on with a variety of folks, including an artist. Dr. Schön’s interference into Lulu’s affairs drives the artist to suicide. She returns to Dr. Schön, but doesn’t stop in full the philandering. Things continue to escalate when Lulu acquires a gun and puts the intervening Doctor in his place.

Jessica Schwarz plays Lulu, and although there aren’t any clear nude shots from her, there are plenty of upskirts and scantily clothed ones. Occasionally she shows a little bit of sideboob, but always in too dark of lighting. Esther Zimmering however has a sexy photo where she appears in full frontal, bush and all. Lulu should unholster her other guns once in a while.