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Das Haus der Schwestern

Das Haus der Schwestern (2002)

Brief Nudity


Das Haus der Schwestern (2002) is a German movie based on the bestselling crime novel of the same name (loosely translated to The House of the Sisters). The story takes place in a farm house, but we’re more interested in the mystery of the bathroom. Christine Reinhart blurs the lines between shower and bath, two classic scenes of skin, which she manages to breathe new life into. The pretty blonde is in the bath. She’s seated in a tub of water. All this is conventional enough, which would lead most viewers to say that this is indeed a bathtub scene. But wait! What’s that in her hand? Yes, it’s a shower facet, one of those handheld varieties that can be used to point the water where you want it. Hum. While Christine seems to keep the facet above her waist and over her shoulders, we do get so see her tits, and can hope that she lowers the shower head to give herself a more relaxing wash between her legs.