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Nachts, wenn der Tag beginnt

Nachts, wenn der Tag beginnt (2003)

Brief Nudity


A nearly blind judge sentences a wrongfully accused woman to prison. Johanna was believed to have killed her father, and when she must spend her time behind bars, the anger builds up to the point that she finds a way to escape. The first thing that she does is finds the judge and makes him pay for his misdeed. She tries to convince him of her innocence while holding a knife to him. The judge finds a way to make things more even by cutting the fuse in his house while it’s night. Now she is as blind as him, and both now have to deal with each other’s secret feelings for the other.

Nina Petri plays the role of Johanna in Nachts, Wenn Der Tag Beginnt (2003). While entering prison and getting stripped down, there is a distant shot of her body from behind, giving us a glimpse at her glutes. Too bad the judge can’t see that.