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German actress Esther Zimmering can play the piano, clarinet, drums, and violin. Here’s another instrument she’s been known to get humming: the pocket trumpet. She came out of the skin gate at a full trot with Im Schwitzkasten (2005), in which she is steaming hot and fully frontal in a steam bath. Though she’s yet to top that, Esther has tried with Gisela (2005), where she can’t seem to keep her jugs holstered in her shirt; Blindes Vertrauen (2005); Lulu (2006), with more fur; and lust but not least Hochzeit um jeden Preis (2007). She’s also gotten naked on the boob tube in Der Liebe entgegen and Der letzte Zeuge. Is there any place Esther won’t get naked?

Top Scenes

Im Schwitzkasten (2005) Nude, breasts 00:13:00 Esther's contact lens goes swooshing down the drain, which leads to some boobage and possibly a hint of hair pie when she and her sausage--sporting cohort search the showers. (41 secs)
Ins Blaue (2012) Nude, breasts, butt, bush See everything when Elisabeth-Marie, Janina, and Esther wake up in a tent, then all run naked into the ocean for a swim. Is this heaven? (2 mins 50 secs)
Im Schwitzkasten (2005) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:46:00 Our pretty, ponytailed heroine sweats out some snoobs, seat, and a hint of bush while joining the others in the sauna. (44 secs)
Der Liebe entgegen (2002) Nude, breasts, bush Brief tits and distant trim after sexing up her loverman. (55 secs)
Kleine Schwester (2004) Sexy, thong Esther Zimmering is skintastic in this sexy scene! (6 secs)
Blindes Vertrauen (2005) Nude, breasts, butt 01:03:00 It's a veritable T&A bonanza when Esther bobs on her guy's rod in bed, then she makes with more mams lying in bed after. Long scene! (1 min 22 secs)
Im Schwitzkasten (2005) Nude, breasts, butt 00:01:00 As the opening credits roll, we get some close-up caboose and foggy boobage in the sauna. Zimmering is simmering hot! (1 min 14 secs)
Im Schwitzkasten (2005) Nude, breasts 00:30:00 It's the fastest funbag in the west as Esther exits the tub, grabbing a towel on her way. (13 secs)


Ins Blaue (2012) - as Eva

Sweetness (2011) - as Marion

Hochzeit um jeden Preis (2007) - as Franka

Vivere (2007) - as Francesca Conchiglia

Lulu (2006) - as Gräfin Geschwitz

Blindes Vertrauen (2005) - as Paula

Gisela (2005) - as Bettina

Im Schwitzkasten (2005) - as Dani Möller

Kleine Schwester (2004) - as Romy

TV Shows

Der letzte Zeuge (1998-2007) - as Miriam

Der Liebe entgegen (2002) - as Lisa

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