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Ohne einander

Ohne einander (2007)

Brief Nudity


Ohne einander (2007), or Without Each Other, is a made for tv German drama about a writer named Sylvio and a journalist named Ellen (Franziska Walser) who live in a secluded villa on Lake Starnberg with Ellen's children Alf and Sylvi (Vijessna Ferkic). It comes to light that their mother has been having an affair, and though Alf reacts to the news with indifference, Sylvi becomes distraught and begins participating in various self-destructive behaviors.  Of course one of those behaviors is casual sex with strangers, and that's where Vijessna Ferkic comes to life! There are some good looks at her sporting some pokies in a white tank top and skimpy blue shorts early in the film, but it's her skinny dipping scene that has some great shots of her sweet seat meat and some side boob as she slips out of her wet suit to go swimming! We also see her fully nude underneath a dude as they get it on, though it's hard to make anything out except his ass.Vijessna Ferkic will your prick up your dick!