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The Cat and the Moon

The Cat and the Moon (2019)

No Nudity

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The Cat and the Moon (2019) a teenager comes to New York City while his mom seeks drug treatment. He winds up staying with a friend of his dead father's. The friend is a jazz musician so this opens up the teenager's world, exposing him to musicians and jazz artists who show him everything that the city has to offer. He meets new people who become friends with him and show him everything that the glittering city of New York has to offer. One of the things that the city has to offer, notoriously, is beautiful women. This cat meets one of those beauties and we get to see it for ourselves! Stefanie LaVie Owen plays Eliza and it's no lie to tell everyone that Stefanie is super sexy in her black bra. She gets on top of our leading man while wearing only her strappy black bra and tight black jeans. We get some aerial shots of her on top of her guy, straddling his legs with her thighs. The scene is fairly long which shows off her beautiful body for a while. We keep hoping for her pants to come off - or for that bra to slip off - but we don't, unfortunately, get our wish. If only her pants could come off and we could see that full moon of hers! Until then, we're just a couple of cats hoping to catch a glimpse of this beautiful kitten. Stefanie LaVie Owen owes us some more nudity in the near future.