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Looker (1981)

Brief Nudity

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Thanks to its omnipresence on early-'80s cable TV and fans of his novels going back to check out some of his lesser known projects, writer-director Michael Crichton's Looker (1981) became a cult favorite after initially being ridiculed by critics, and rejected by theatrical audiences. The fact that Laurie Partridge gets naked in a PG-rated movie has also kept Looker cooking over the years. Come on, get fappy! In this five minutes in the future set sci-fi thriller, Albert Finney portrays Dr. Larry Roberts, a plastic surgeon who uses cutting-edge computer technology to nip and tuck his numerous high-profile patients. He mostly works on models with incredibly minor imperfections, looking to make them truly perfect. But their issues are so minor, they can only be discovered after taking a full body scan that John Reston (James Coburn) invented. In fact, Dr. Larry doesn't really see the point in trying to correct such minor flaws. When these perfect models keep ending up dead and Dr. Larry looks like a prime suspect, he teams with surviving sex kitten Cindy (Susan Dey) to figure out what's going on. Susan Dey had it going on back when they filmed this one! Yes, the former Partridge family daughter has never looked hotter than when we see all three B"s as she gets her full body scan done. Seeing that body will make your Dey! But if you prefer big tits, while Susan's are perfectly fine they're not quite as perfect as Terri Welles'. The much more well endowed blonde model gets herself scanned, and the camera shows she's colossally canned! Every man is a fan of that scan! Go on, Looker up and down.