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Little Deaths

Little Deaths (2011)

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Obviously size doesn’t matter in the film industry. If it did, there wouldn’t be movies entitled Little Ashes (2008), Little Birds (2020), Little Children (2006), Little Darlings (1980), Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016), Little Fish (2005), Little Thirteen (2012) and Little Witches (1996). Of course, we’d be remiss not to include Little Deaths (2011) on this list. The British anthology pic provides three different horror stories. In Sean Hogan’s “House & Home” a rich and religious couple lures homeless girls to their mansion for sick sexual games. As such, the aptly-named Sorrow (Holly Lucas) gets fully naked as a kidnapped victim while her captor Victoria Gull (Siubhan Harrison) strips to her skin for some bloody Sapphic action. Andrew Parkinson’s “Mutant Tool” is the second vignette which takes kink to another level. It follows a prostitute named Jen (Jodie Jameson) who visits Dr. Reese (Brendan Gregory), a Nazi death doctor who uses humans as guinea pigs for his bizarre experiments. Long story short, Jen bounces her bare breasts during sex and later grows a huge penis! Last but not least, Simon Rumley’s “Bitch” is an S&M revenge fantasy wherein Claire (Kate Braithwaite) regularly treats Pete (Tom Sawyer) to psychological and physical abuse — from pegging the dude from behind to screwing his best bud (Tommy Carey). This dark flick also includes Daniel Brocklebank Scott Ainslie, Danielle White, and the bare bum on Ms. Braithwate’s body double! Suffice it to say, watching Little Deaths may result in the little deaths of billions of sperm!