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Les chiens jaunes

Les chiens jaunes (2009)

Brief Nudity


The short film Les chiens jaunes (2009) follows three people and their dependence on a public garden. Landscape architect Gilles Clément has devoted his life to beautifying a lush garden, but now is having doubts about the purpose of his life. Elsa (Maya Jarville) and Sandrine (Tatiana Becquet) moved to Paris to start an acting career, but have run out of money and are living in a tent in the garden. One evening they come back to find that the tent is missing and they decide to return to where they came from. They are living off the land so when Maya Jarville and Tatiana Becquet need to wash up they strip down to take a bath in a river. Tatiana shows off her double handful dumplings while Maya bares her mini-mams and full frontal fur. Now that’s a lush garden!