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La luna

La luna (1979)

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American sweetheart Jill Clayburgh threw a curve ball at the height of her career when she starred in the perverse drama La Luna (1979). Fresh off of specializing in loveable women like Barbara Jane Bookman in Semi-Tough (1977) and breaking out as a serious actress after landing an Oscar nomination for her starring role in An Unmarried Woman (1978), Jill decided she'd star in a movie touching on one of the few things that are just as taboo today as it was back then: family fornication. Jill plays Caterina Silveri, a recently widowed opera singer who moves to Italy after her husband Douglas (Fred Gwynne) dies in New York City. Her son Joe (Matthew Barry) is all messed up in the head. On top of not realizing Doug wasn't his dad, Caterina's Italian boytoy Giuseppe (Tomas Milian) is, Joe's a vicious heroin addict. One day, while Joe is detoxing Caterina decides to take his mind off of the pain by reaching down his pants and giving him a little pleasure. While the two travel to meet Giuseppe, the sexual tension is overwhelming, so soon enough Caterina is giving Joe all sorts of kitty. It's easy to judge Joe, but if Mr. Skin had a mom as hot as Jill, he'd be jacking it all day! Filmed with an American cast since the Italians weren't going to let their actresses be involved in a plotline like that, there's no explicit motherloving scene in this one. But the risqué film offers the hot actress an opportunity to flash the goods. She's changing and bends over, exposing her rumptastic seat-meat, and even flashes a bit of tit and muff. If that doesn't get her son off the junk, nothing will! One look at Jill in La luna and you'll get why her son had to take a taste of that forbidden tuna!