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Oedipus Orca

Oedipus Orca (1977)

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What becomes of the kidnapped after going through their horrific ordeal?  Can they return to a life of normality with their loved ones, or get a job that doesn't trigger horrible memories of captivity?  Well this classic Italian film Oedipus Orca (1977) is a direct follow-up sequel to the wildly successful film by Eriprando Visconti called La Orca (1976) and focuses on just that.  Can the kidnapping survivor Alice (Rena Niehaus) come to terms with the trauma that she just endured in the original film?  Well she's got plenty of demons to face in her own psyche when she tries to return to normal, including a good deal of resentment towards her parents, who she believe didn't want to pay her captors their ransom for her safe return!  Couple that with her boyfriend and her mild Stockholm syndrome she had for one of her captors, she's going to need YEARS of talk therapy to undo the damage she endured in La Orca...  Well hopefully she finds a good shrink, in the third film because this one sees her spiraling into a bit of madness and does so with plenty of nudity along the way!  The star reprising her role from the first film Rena Niehaus steps up the nudity in the sequel and goes full frontal on a couple of occasions and tops out with 7 scenes of nip-tastic temptation that'll give you mild Stockholm syndrome for this sequel.  We also get a candid look at the creamy cones of Carmen Scarpitta as she pops her top in a scene.  So definitely take some time for this classic foreign flick with some A+ nudity because it's a throwback spank session, it's like masturbating in a 1970s model Fiat while smoking a cigarette... You're going to say "Arrivederci!" to you horniness in a nostalgic and boldly Italian way!