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Il Dio serpente

Il Dio serpente (1970)

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An Italian goddess resolves to take a walk on the equatorial wild side in the sultry cult feature Il Dio serpente (1970). Translated to "The Snake God," Italian Commie Piero Vivarelli filmed this one down in Colombia, but the film became way better known for its theme song than for anything that happens in the movie. Nadia Cassini stars as Paola, an Italian native who moves to the Caribbean and grows entranced by her friend’s (Beryl Cunningham) exotic voodoo legends. Told that the Caribbean love god Jambaya is known for assuming the identity of a snake, and with her own marriage becoming a bit of a dead bedroom situation, Paola sets off in pursuit of the slithering lothario. Eventually she will find him in the throbbing black mamba of Evaristo Marquez who will jam that thing inside her. Meanwhile, Stella (Cunningham) takes advantage of her friend’s absence by grabbing her man (Galeazzo Benti) out from under her and seeing what Paola was sick of porking. Amidst all of this backstabbing and mysticism, both starlets make good on the film’s sultry promise. Cassini and Cunningham vie for the skin prize as they peel off their respective wardrobes in a bid to outstrip each other. Beryl might not have become the next Meryl, but we sure enjoyed seeing her flashing all three black B's a few times! First, she acts like she's taking a shower with the curtain wide open. Her busty black boobs are bouncing up and down as she poorly pretends to wash them down. Close the curtain! That floor is gonna get soaked! Speaking of wetness, then we see her running around the beach naked with one of her island boy toys. Meanwhile, Nadia Cassini showed every body part she had while boning the snake god on the beach. Looks like she was full of pent up sexual urges! Yessir, those are Penthouse spread worthy pieces of tail in Il Dio serpente